Travel And Tourism Photography And Videography

By | June 30, 2017

travel and tourism photographyDhlamini Solutions is a pioneering service provider of a diverse range of cutting-edge travel multimedia products & services. Our operations have been set up since 1995 in South Africa. In this period of time, we have focused our resources on providing multimedia services as well as contracting out our extensive range of equipment to other tourism related companies.

Travel And Tourism Photography And Videography in South Africa

Our quality and service delivery has helped us to acquire national recognition by both top businessmen and women as well as government bodies as becoming an outstanding success and one of the most fast growing travel multimedia companies in South Africa with a capacity to deliver.

Our company’s objective is to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience to our clients and the general public at an affordable cost in the travel industry.

Dhlamini Solutions was created to provide a more superior multimedia brand awareness for tourists and travel companies.

Dhlamini Solution’s product scope comprises of:

  • Professional Video Capturing
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Video Conversions
  • Script Writing
  • Professional Voice Over Recordings
  • DVD Duplications
  • Equipment Hiring and much more…….

Our experience and long standing in the multimedia industry assures not only a world-class standard of product and service delivery but also production management and distribution efficiency. The company’s talented and dedicated team are continually carrying out research of the highest level to design better ways of improving multimedia products and services to best satisfy our valued clients.

Dhlamini Solutions has boasted a significant rate and increase the market share of multimedia technology and video production sales over the past years. To maintain our highly respected image we will continuously focus to achieve a competitive advantage by maintaining constant product and service quality by continuous research and advanced technical support to target customer needs.

Dhlamini Solutions will constantly grow and develop better solutions and more guaranteed services for our clients. We are determined to reach beyond limits and stay focused on our company’s objectives for future prospects.