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Travel And Tourism Photography And Videography

travel and tourism photographyDhlamini Solutions is a pioneering service provider of a diverse range of cutting-edge travel multimedia products & services. Our operations have been set up since 1995 in South Africa. In this period of time, we have focused our resources on providing multimedia services as well as contracting out our extensive range of equipment to other tourism related companies.

Travel And Tourism Photography And Videography in South Africa

Our quality and service delivery has helped us to acquire national recognition by both top businessmen and women as well as government bodies as becoming an outstanding success and one of the most fast growing travel multimedia companies in South Africa with a capacity to deliver.

Our company’s objective is to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience to our clients and the general public at an affordable cost in the travel industry.

Dhlamini Solutions was created to provide a more superior multimedia brand awareness for tourists and travel companies.

Dhlamini Solution’s product scope comprises of:

  • Professional Video Capturing
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Video Conversions
  • Script Writing
  • Professional Voice Over Recordings
  • DVD Duplications
  • Equipment Hiring and much more…….

Our experience and long standing in the multimedia industry assures not only a world-class standard of product and service delivery but also production management and distribution efficiency. The company’s talented and dedicated team are continually carrying out research of the highest level to design better ways of improving multimedia products and services to best satisfy our valued clients.

Dhlamini Solutions has boasted a significant rate and increase the market share of multimedia technology and video production sales over the past years. To maintain our highly respected image we will continuously focus to achieve a competitive advantage by maintaining constant product and service quality by continuous research and advanced technical support to target customer needs.

Dhlamini Solutions will constantly grow and develop better solutions and more guaranteed services for our clients. We are determined to reach beyond limits and stay focused on our company’s objectives for future prospects.


Dental Implants By Your Dentist

dental implants dentist

Dental implants are one option for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant has two parts. One part is similar to a metal screw that anchors the dental implant to the jaw. The second part is a false tooth that attaches to the metal piece. Dentures and bridges can also be secured as dental implants.

Missing teeth can negatively impact a person’s self-confidence. Missing teeth can also cause a person’s bite to become misaligned. This misalignment can cause abnormal wear of the teeth. People with missing teeth should consult their dentists.

Your dentist can determine which solution to the problem is best for the person. Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants. Since the procedure requires oral surgery, the person must be in general good health so that tolerating anesthesia is not a concern. If cost is a concern, flipper teeth implants can be used as well as they are not as expensive as the usual implants. In fact, over the years, flipper teeth is gaining higher recognition from dentist and patients all over the world.

The process of securing dental implants requires that the person has a healthy bone in the jaw and healthy gum. Teeth may have moved into space where the missing tooth was. Some cosmetic dentists will treat gum issues and tooth crowding before or during the dental implant process.

The metal, implanted portion of the dental implant is made of titanium. In successful implantation procedures, the jawbone will grow around the implant. This helps to secure the implant. In some cases, the implantation process fails due to a lack of bone growth around the implant. In these cases, the dental implant may be loose or may even fall out. People with poor oral hygiene, smokers, and people with diabetes are at highest risk of failure of the implant.

Many people prefer the feel of dental implants as opposed to dentures. Since dental implants are anchored into the jaw, an implant stays firmly in place like a real tooth. Dental implants may feel more natural and more comfortable than dentures.

The procedure is typically done in stages. Since the bottom, metal portion is implanted in the jaw, dental surgery is required. The entire process often takes three months to one year or longer to complete.

A person in need of implants may want to call several dentists to inquire about pricing. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, make sure that only the best cosmetic dentistry will do that for you. Many people in need of implants will travel to the surrounding area or even out of the country to get cheaper dental implants than what is available in their area. I Love My Smile, a well-known dentist in Pretoria can assist you.

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Cape Town Travel Information

Cape Town Travel Information

In 1652 Jan van Riebeeck sailed into Table Bay and laid the foundations of South Africa’s oldest city. His first undertaking was to establish a vegetable garden for the purpose of providing passing merchant ships with fresh food. Before long, weary sailors from around the world dropped anchor in the bay to replenish supplies.

The settlement soon earned the titled: ‘Tavern of the Seas’, and to this day, Cape Town has maintained a reputation for friendly hospitality. With its impressive Table Mountain backdrop, Cape Town has been voted as one of the top tourism destinations and the most beautiful cities in the world.

The city’s Edwardian and Victorian buildings have been thoughtfully retained, and many outstanding examples of Cape Dutch architecture are found in the city and its environs. Cobble-stoned streets, mosque’s and the flat-roofed pastel homes of the Malay Quarter entrance a cosmopolitan ambiance, and in a recent development, the restoration of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront evokes images of the seafaring activities of the 19th century.

For a closer look at life at the Cape in earlier times, interesting historical collections are on display in several museums. Cape Town’s shopping options invite you to endlessly browse – and buy. Elegant shopping malls, department stores, antique shops and at galleries abounds. Specialist boutiques in Long Street and the narrow little alleys intersecting it offer an enticing array of unusual articles not readily obtainable elsewhere.

At the end of the day, gourmets and lovers of sophisticated entertainment have a treat in store.

South Africa’s legislative capital is situated at the foot of Table Mountain, the famous flat-topped mountain with views out across the peninsula to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It is possible to walk up, but for the less intrepid, there is an excellent cable car.

The main hub of the city center is the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, the beautifully restored old Victorian Harbor which offers free entertainment, a wide variety of shops, museums, including the excellent Aquarium, taverns, and restaurants.

Boat trips leave from here for harbor tours or the notorious Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela and many other nationalist leaders were imprisoned. The relics of early colonial government are centered on Government Avenue, with many fine old buildings and museums, including the Parliament Buildings; Groote Kerk (mother church of the Dutch Reformed faith); the Cultural History Museum; National Museum; National Gallery; Bertram House and Company’s Garden, planted in 1652 to provide food for passing sailors.

Nearby sights of interest include Bo-Kaap (the home of the Islamic Cape Malay people, confusingly of mainly Indonesian origin); the Castle of Good Hope in Darling Street, built in 1666; the Old Townhouse on Greenmarket Square, housing a permanent collection of 17th-century Dutch and Flemish paintings; and the early 18th-century Koopmans de Wet House.

Those interested in learning more about black and ‘Cape coloured’ culture should visit the District Six Museum, Buitenkant Street, and take one of the many excellent guided tours of the outlying townships of Crossroads, Langa, and Khayelitsha.

It is probably not safe for tourists to venture into these areas on their own. Cape Town also has excellent sporting and shopping facilities.

The Baxter Theatre and Artscape Theatre Complex offer a mix of local and international fare. Nightlife is concentrated in the V&A Waterfront, Sea Point, and parts of the central business district, notably around Long Street. Further out, the Cape-Dutch homestead of Spier and Ratanga Junction theme park both offer a variety of entertainment from classical to jazz concerts.

Cape Town Excursions:

South of Cape Town along the peninsula stretches south, lined by fishing villages and holiday resorts, including Llandudno, Hout Bay, Kommetjie, Fish Hoek, Muizenberg and Simonstown, a delightful Victorian town with a couple of interesting museums and the only colony of penguins to live on the African mainland.

Inland, the magnificent Cape-Dutch farm, Groot Constantia, was one of the first wine farms in the Cape, while the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens, created by Cecil Rhodes in 1895 on the lower slopes of Table Mountain, is one of the finest botanical gardens in the world.

In the summer there are open-air concerts. Nearby Chapman’s Peak has spectacular views, but the scenic drive from Hout Bay is currently closed due to landfalls, and you need to walk the last section to the summit. About an hour’s drive (click here for the cheapest car rental in Cape Town) from Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve covers the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula, with a profusion of flowers, birds, and animals, culminating in Cape Point.

Don’t miss:

  • Going by cable-car up Table Mountain.
  • Robben Island.
  • Sundowners on the Atlantic seaboard.
  • Seafood at the three harbors and the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.
  • Standing on the end of the peninsula at Cape Point.
  • The photogenic historic Malay Quarter of the Bo-Kaap.